History of the Club

The club was formed in 1922 following permission being granted by the Perth Roads Board to build five courts in Queens Crescent Mt Lawley next to the bowling green.

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Subscriptions were £2/2/0 for men and £1/10/0 for ladies and the groundsman was paid £5 per week. A wooden pavilion was erected by the Road Board and served a membership of 50 men and 50 ladies.

In 1926 another 6 courts were built (5 doubles and one singles) and membership was increased to 150. The club held the 1929 Centenary Suburban Tournament which formed part of the official State Centenary Celebrations.

In December 1936 a new pavilion was opened by John Orr Esq Chairman of the Perth Road Board, the architects were Powell, Cameron & Chisholm and the builders were Henley Builders. The building still stands and forms part of the Mt Lawley Bowling Club clubrooms.

A Mr J Scadden, was one of the early Presidents, he later became the Premier of the State. Another prominent member was Supreme Court Judge James Walker; at one time he was the President of the WA Lawn Tennis Association which is now Tennis West. In 1904 he had the inaugural honour of being the first Rhodes Scholar; he was also a life member of this club.

Following some good work by the then President, Norm Wasley the club moved to it present location, then know as Mt Ingle, and new clubrooms costing £15,000 were built on the corner of Central Ave and Hamer parade and opened in 1958. Norm Wasley was WAs Mr Tennis for many years, was a long term President of Tennis West and a life member of that organisation and this club.

At the time of the move club membership was 210, the change proved very positive as in February 1962 the membership reached 500.

The club continued to function well for the rest of the 60s and the 70s conducting many of the major state tournaments and assisted in the development of a number of the states leading players at the time including Dean Williams and Alan Gooch.

The next major changes occurred in the 80s when 4 grass courts were converted to synthetic grass and yes believe or not new clubrooms were built. The clubrooms built in 1958 for a number of reasons were deemed to be inadequate and those used today were officially opened in October 1985. Further extensions and changes were made in the mid 90s.

In 2005 following a review by the club and the City of Stirling it was decided that the clubrooms built in 1958 would be demolished and the area turned into a park. This work was completed in December 2006.

We have had 3 Life Members of Tennis West in Norm Wasley, Brian Morrell and Helen Waters (all deceased). A number of prominent WA tennis identities including Alan Hicks, Max Bonner, Bruce and Margaret Robinson, Alan Gooch and Dean Williams have at one time or other been club members.

Over recent years the club has hosted or co-hosted events such as; World Seniors Championships, Australian Seniors Championships, Country Week, State Closed Championships and more recently the Mt Lawley Classic held in December each year.

In 2006 our club was the Tennis West Club of the Year, a great acknowledgement of the work put in by the hardworking directors with the support of the members.

Life Members
1931  –  J.H. Jowett
1934  –  G.M. Laing
1935  –  W.S. Donnell
1937  –  W. Tate
1938  –  J. Curran
1944  –  J.L. Walker Q.C.
1945  –  J. Cox
1949  –  Dr. H. R. Pearson
1952  –  Mrs R. Gordon
1954  –  N.W. Wasley
1959  –  B.D. Morrell
1960  –  Mrs G.S. Walters
1968  –  Mrs B.H. Young
1971  –  M.H. Hill
1972  –  C.W. Brown
1973  –  B.H. Young
1974  –  Mrs D.M. Gooch
1980  –  Mrs A.H. Kilmurray
1983  –  H.I. Morrell
1984  –  D.M. Gooch
1986  –  Miss D.E. Remnant
1987  –  Mr D. Jones
1990  –  Mr B.J. Evans
1993  –  Mr W.R. Firns
1994  –  Mrs M.I. Evans
1995  –  R.C. Atkinson
1996  –  B.P. Jacobsen
2005  –  L. Emery
2013  –  L. Peirce
2016  –  J. Gray