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29 April 2010

Women in Tennis Tournament – Full Report

The Women in Tennis tournament was successfully held this week on Wednesday. A big acknowledgement to our Midweek Director, Lorraine Veale who co-ordinated all the logistics of the day for over 200 people - a big number of people to look after! Lorraine's effort, which was lots of after hours work was outstanding.

The three dynamos, Lorraine, Prue and Delys were assisted by many of our midweek members. Our midweek volunteers were seen washing chairs and tables, on the patio roof, pulling down decorations, moving furniture, dusting away cobwebs, sweeping, food preparation and many other cleaning jobs were done to make the club look the best it could.

The commitment and pride that our midweek members demonstrated was admirable and extraordinary.

Thank you to Lorraine, Prue, Delys and all our midweek members for your ongoing commitment to our club.

Congratulations also to our Doubles winners on the day, Debra and Yvonne.