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24 October 2010

Become part of the Mt Lawley Tennis Centre Mural

FACE PAINTING! Not the usual kind this is your opportunity to become part of the Mt Lawley Tennis Club Mural.

Our resident Artist, Pip Newby, is going to be painting a "tennis crowd" scene on the entrance wall to the club.

You can be part of this colourful painting which means you will:

  • have your almost life sized face on the wall in colour (caricature style)
  • Be part of the fun some pennant teams are doing it as a group and will be painted clustered together
  • Be helping the club as this is a fund raiser

All you need to do if you want to join this activity is fill out a form from Carolyn Iddles or Gayle Murphy and provide us with a photo of your face (A4 sized photocopy).

Forms can be handed in to the office, given to Bronwyn, Carolyn Iddles or Gayle Murphy and payment can be by cheque, cash or bank transfer.

ONLY $50

(We hope this project will be completed by the Christmas party for unveiling)