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7 November 2010

Doreen Remnant Twilight Tournament – Report

Last Wednesday, a smart group of people attended our first twilight tournament for the year named in honour of a very special past member, Doreen Remnant. I say that these people are smart because they paid a minimal amount for what was an amazing Italian meal prepared by our resident cook extraordinaire Kylie Martino. For a mere $15, guests were treated to ravioli, cutlets, lasagna, pasta carbonara, and an array of salads followed by a traditional tiramsui.

I challenge anyone to find such quality and quantity of food at any restaurant in Western Australia for that price. For those of you who did miss out... do not despair there's always next year!

A big thank you to the lovely Kylie and her mum for going to such a huge effort to cater for the event. Special thanks also to the following members for their help - Janette Gray, Eleanor Gill, Daniel Milligan, Helen Lowry, Brian Nguyen, Gayle Murphy, Dario Nardi and Simone Firns.

And as always the wonderful Les Peirce was there to run the twilight, present prizes and then stayed till the end to lock up - what would our club do without him!

Simone Firns
Social Director