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3 April 2011

Tribute to Mr Harcourt Morrell – Life Member and Vice Patron Mt Lawley Tennis Club

On Saturday, 2 April 2011, our President, Ms Trish Rechichi delivered a presentation during a special afternoon tea in recognition for the years of service, support and assistance that Harcourt has given to the Mt Lawley Tennis Club.

The board specifically chose to call it a tribute as it is a reflection of the depth of support given to the club, its members and the pennant teams. This tribute is a vital part of our history and is to be kept alive for future years.

The Harcourt family have contributed so much over the years and today Harcourt has been recognised for the substantial contribution towards the construction of our new hard courts which will cost around $10,000. If Harcourt can do this we hope he has inspired many other members to do the same.

Our past President, Mr Wayne Firns interviewed our Harcourt during the week.

The recognition included:

  • Association with the club goes back to 1938 when parents joined Mt Lawley Tennis Club
  • Mrs Morrell served for the club over 50 years and did everything from answer phones, organise catering, and play requirements and so much more. Mrs Morrell should have been granted a Life Member.
  • Harcourt joined in 1953. Funnily enough Harcourt was named after his mother's ex-boyfriend.
  • Harcourt was one of the clubs leading players over many years.
  • Harcourt played in 10 Club Championship Singles finals unfortunately did not win one-Club had many very good players during those years including Bruce Robinson, Alan Gooch and Dean Williams.
  • Harcourt won 2 Club Men's Doubles Championships
  • Harcourt was in 12 winning pennant teams
    • Harcourt served as Committee/Board Member for around 40 years that included:
    • Club Captain 3 years 1967-70
    • President 3 years 1977-80
    • Competitive Play Director
    • Organising Committee member of numerous tournaments
  • Harcourt was elevated to Life Membership Status in 1983
  • His brother Brian was also a Life Member

In summary, Harcourt and his family have provided financial and emotional support to the club over many years and much more.

The tribute is for all those years and more. The benefits will be reaped by past, existing and future generations to enjoy.

Now the story has been told, our President has expectations that our members know the story, pass the story on to family, friends and their children.

If someone like Harcourt Morrell, our quiet achiever, can give to the club, think about what you can contribute.

God bless our Harcourt.