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22 August 2011

Competition Tennis Rating (CTR)

C.T.R was developed by Tennis Australia in conjunction with Champion Data and Interact Sport. It is designed to calculate a player's rating based on head to head results and takes into account the score of each match played.

C.T.R rates players from C.T.R 1 through to C.T.R 10. Each C.T.R level has 10 steps. (e.g. 2.1, 2.2, 2.3) C.T.R 1 represents an elite level player (capable of attaining and holding an ATP/WTA ranking) and C.T.R 10 represents a beginning player that is starting to play competitively (i.e. serve and return) on a regular court using regular equipment.

C.T.R rates relative skill levels amongst tennis players competing in different formats Australia wide.

How is C.T.R calculated?

When each player plays for the first time they are given a commencement rating based on the "standard of play" for their level in a particular competition. The "standard of play" is assigned by TennisWest.

Ratings are calculated and updated overnight.

C.T.R calculation is based on:

  • The grade (or standard) in which you compete;
  • Whether you win or lose the rubber;
  • The games you win or lose for that rubber;
  • The rating of your opponent;
  • If a player wins twomatches in a higher grade, their current C.T.R will be adjusted to the level of the new grade;
  • Conversely, a player is not re-rated on the way down. C.T.R will depreciate naturally as an outcome, and
  • Should a player not participate in Tennis League for three years, they will lose their C.T.R and will receive a new C.T.R based on the grade in which they recommence.

Types of Players

Players can be divided into five general playing types within C.T.R according to their ability:

  • C.T.R 1 should be referred to as Elite/High Performance players;
  • C.T.R's 2 4 should be referred to as Advanced players;
  • C.T.R's 5 7 should be referred to as Intermediate players;
  • C.T.R's 8 - 10 should be referred to as Recreational players, and
  • C.T.R's 10.1 10.3 should be referred to as Starter/Beginner players.

Doubles Ratings

Doubles ratings are determined by averaging the total C.T.R for both players.

Reference: Sourced from Tennis West website - 22 August 2011.