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29 May 2012

Doreen Remnant/Morrell Family Cup 2012 Report

Sunshine graced the day as we honoured Doreen Remnant and Harcourt Morrell for their fabulous contribution to the club both on and off the court tennis.

Twenty four teams comprising a mixed doubles couple participated in three divisions. A round robin format allowed a competitive seven round event. Despite the warm day, no player requested a reduction to the number of rounds to play and everyone appeared to share a smile in the afterglow of a vigorous day of tennis.

Awards were made as follows:

Group 1
Winners: Simone Firns and Daniel Milligan
Runners Up: Samantha Bell and Ryan Kingston

Group 2
Winners: Julie Blackwell, Pip Newby and Merv Blackwell
Runners Up: Yvonne Orsansky and Pep Giorgio

Group 3
Winners: Delys Dear and Steve Sutherland
Runners Up: Lorraine Veale and Mark Sweeny

Events like this don't occur without consider effort. Thanks to Gayle Murphy for organising the catering. Thanks to Roger Cooper for cooking. Also thanks to Jim Bonzas for keeping the bar running. Wayne Firns contributed with a timely reflection on Doreen and Harcourt.

Tennis was the winner on the day overall. It was pleasing to have so many enthusiastic players attend. The intention of the day may be summed up by one participant who asked about Doreen. The suggestion followed that the presentation might also include a photo of Doreen along with a small article for members who did not know Doreen and would like to understand more of her and the work she achieved at the club. I plan to have that ready for next year.

Finally, thank you to Noelene Thompson, Doreen's niece and Harcourt Morrell for their generous donations.

Les Peirce