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6 July 2013

Notes from the AGM

At the AGM, last Sunday, sincere thanks were extended to the retiring Board Members: –

  • Grant Vernon as President, for his leadership, achievements and work contributed towards the new courts development. Grant was instrumental in establishing the new coaching system at the club. His efforts and purpose within the club have been greatly appreciated by all members.

  • Delys Dear as the Mid Week Director has been the backbone of this group by doing so much towards the success and enjoyment of others and often not seen or realised with her efforts.

  • Adrian Fritz has shown enormous pride and care in his role as Director of Facilities. The diligent care of the grounds and club house surrounds is testimony of all his work.

Members welcomed the new Board Members; Les Peirce as the incoming President, Dennis Jones in the position as Mid Week Director and Robbie Firns as Facilities Director.

The finances are in a positive position and the overall tone of the club is very healthy.

There is still a position to be filled - Social Play Director. In order to make this a more attractive position, it is proposed that a roster of members will be drawn up to assist with Saturday play.