Welcome to Mt Lawley Tennis Club

The Mt Lawley Tennis Club welcomes all new visitors and members to the club when they are ready. We like to think that everyone who joins us has the "Mt Lawley Tennis experience" which is a warm welcome; feel part of the local community and the opportunity to make life time friends.

The Mt Lawley Tennis Club includes the option to play tennis on grass or acrylic all weather courts hard courts, day or night. You can choose when you would like to play, within limits of court availability. You can become a member and join in organised social play, Tuesday mornings, Friday mornings or Saturday afternoons.

Even better, you can play the whole week and enjoy competitive social play with your own organised groups. Competitive play amongst other tennis clubs (Tennis League Pennants) is also offered for the really keen players.

Our Club includes the opportunity to get involved in a number of activities:

The club is keen to continue to build our communications with our members and visitors.

Currently we have a range of communications that include:

Club Contact

Carolyn Orr

Office Manager

Phone: 9370 1922
Email the Office Manager

Playing Times
Saturday Afternoon Tennis
1.30pm – 5.00pm

Tuesday Midweek Tennis
9.15am till midday

Friday Morning Tennis
9.00am till 11.00am
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